Tango 4D Inconsistent Reading


We did a key clone for 4D67 Toyota yesterday. Tango sometimes read the chip as DST+ (which can't be cloned) and sometimes read it as 4D67 Master. We have to move the key around the coil and has to multiple read it so it finally recognized as 4D67 so we can clone it.

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Such behavior can be observed generally in three cases:
1. There is interference near Tango (be it metallic objects or other EM fields).
2. Connection between Tango and PC is bad. Usually caused by long high resistance USB cable or under-powered USB ports.
Changing port/cable usually solves that.
3. Transponder was put incorrectly or away from the coil.
I purchased TMPRo and glad after this as Tango had bugs before and after never 100% like Abrites
Sure e250 mate but least know works you pay for what you get in this world
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