Renault Scenic 3 - BCM X95 - dump check


Hi to all,

I need you help with eeprom file check (D-FLASH).
So for all of you which have Renault license or full version would be good to download the eeprom file and check it if the tango recognise it. And if yes, how many keys are stored (maybe with key IDs).

It is 64KB D-FLASH from BCM X95 which was in one Renault Scenic 3 made in 2010 (chip D70F3384 or D76F0115).
Same BCM has been installed in Megane 3 and Fluence from about 2009 till about 2015.

All feedback is wellcome...
Thanks in advance.


  • Renault Scenic 3 2010 D-flash.rar
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