I received china pcf7935, when read with tango says pcf7930 ID73
I generated opel 40, but when read that transponder tango says Opel ID33

Then I put empty chips in other reader, and there wrote ID44 for empty ones, fort that I generated opel says ID40.
I not trusted thie reader goes to friend zedfull orginal, there also empty says pcf7935 ID44, thet for opel says ID40

Other pcf7935 NDX I have, tango says ok, pcf7935 ID44
The new one I get is no name...

Why zewdfull and other tools see as it should, not have opel to test will it works on immo2
We don't make changes in Tango software to accommodate poorly made 7935 Chinese transponders.
All functions for these expect either genuine transponders, or at the very least properly made clones.
OK, clear, I generated one opel with ffdi clone and now tango says ID40 virgin opel ;)
In future will order NDX, they are good