New Forum layout - Not so secret anymore


Our little secret forum, is not so secret anymore.
Every picture and text, is visible to anybody on the web.

But I understand, this might be a way to get more customers to these products.
Competition is difficult, for each and everyone.
The old forum platform was really outdated and started giving us troubles a while ago, so the change was pretty much inevitable.
With that said the first priority was to keep the old data and structure then get the new forum up and running.
As for opening the forum a bit, it can be viewed by guests, but only registered users can post, download attached files and view the pictures in their full resolution (the thumbnails are rather small).
It is possible to add hidden sections only for registered users down the line, but right now it is undecided.
Probably it will be tied to a structure overhaul.
Yes must be outdated!

Because I remember this, layout of forum.
Back in 1999 to 2001.
Which was possible, to work with.
With a software.
Exactly the same layout, and probably the same software.

Times go by fast!:)
Exactly. Remove it from search engines. Disable the read permission for logged out users. By the way, I'm grateful for the new forum.