lexus ux security access denied


New member
i have a lexus ux in 2020 model car has one key and customer is wanting a spare key coded to car, tango is not able to read data as security access denied, ( assuming this immo box is not supported)

i am using a virginised key (so second hand key )
i have managed to read the data using lonsdor but obv lonsdor does not support reuse of a used virgin key and this is a job for slk-07 i have saved the .bin file to my laptop from the lonsdor and tried to learn new key using tango procedure but when i select the file tango is coming up with the error that the size of the file is too big ,

is there any way i can code this second key to the car using tango or will it be a case of buying a brand new key from dealer and using lonsdor,

any help is much appreciated,