Clio2 2004 sagem UCH problem


Car has ori key with 93c46 and antena coil, sometimes key not readed ok (many till now I made) and I removed coil read eeprom generated next empty key 3 then 4 and both not valid to immo, led fast blinking. Then I put new antena on ori key and all ok.
Remote worked all time so mean dump readed ok. Why not worked added 7936?
On zed full dump shows pincode with red colour and not give key numbers to add, tango recognized ok, so I wanna know is dump something bad or bug in tango?
Here is dumps.


  • clio2_93c66.rar
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looks like bad read on file on start of post you have listed its a 93c46 then the file is a 93c66 . what have you read chip as on file listed if the file is from uch and its a 93c66 then pin code is 95DE9D3DC50B