Tango Subscription

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Tango Subscription

Active Tango subscription grants access to all Tango functions and features for a 365 days period.
Each Tango feature has attributed availability either Base Software or Subscription: https://scorpio-lk.com/tango.html
Users retain access to entries marked as Base Software regardless of subscription status.
Starting August 2022 all newly acquired devices receive 1 year free subscription.


Q: What happens when subscription expires ?
When subscription expires your Tango will continue to operate normally.
You will retain access to all Base Software, updates and paid functions acquired prior to the subscription model rollout.

Q: Will New functions and updates require additional payment ?
No. Updates to latest software and firmware versions of Tango are available regardless of subscription status. Newly added functions won't require additional payment, only check if subscription is active or expired.

Q: How to get Subscription ?
Subscription activation can be purchased from any of our Distributors. You will receive archived *.lic file, which upon loading in Tango will activate the subscription.
To Load the file start Tango.exe and select Help->Updates->Activate License->Open the *.lic file.

Q: How to check Subscription status / remaining time ?
Start Tango.exe and select Help->Updates->View License. The first row shows a counter with subscription time remaining.

Q: Can I get longer period subscription ?
Currently Subscription is available for 1 year periods only

Q: Can I order multiple activation files ?
The activation file (*.lic) is valid for 7 days after generation. After that period it expires and Tango will no longer accept it as valid when loaded. In this regard once received the subscription has to be promptly activated, so it is pointless to purchase more than one subscription activation with intention to hold onto it and load at a later date.

Q: When can a subscription be renewed ?
New 365 days subscription activation file can be loaded in Tango when <180 days are remaining of the current active subscription.
Upon activation of a new file remaining time will be a sum of remaining days plus 365.

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