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    New Forum layout - Not so secret anymore

    Nice lay out;) clear and simple.
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    Add key Toyota CHR A9 with new update.

    Is it possible to add a key XM38 xhorse/or a lonsdor key with tangoplus. Or just the original key? Without codes. Not all keys lost only add key. what is the correct procedure? Regards Bert
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    Pinout in circuit MC912DG128 Cim module opel

    Opel zaifera 2006 Cim module (akl) Hello I need pinout MC912DG128 in circuit programming Mask 3L40K Regards Bert
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    How make or clone BMW motorcycle key BMW 2015 S1000RR Tango

    How make or clone BMW motorcycle key BMW 2015 S1000RR Tango says Failed to decode the transponder. Regards Bert
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    Reading immo data Immo H-key Toyota Aygo

    Is it possible Reading immo data Immo H-key (Normal key) Toyota Aygo with tango. (Toyota plus) 89780-0d130 Or is this only possible with the Baracuda Tool. Regards Bert
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    All keys lost Toyota Yaris 2013

    Toyota Yaris Hybrid no smart key(07/2011 - 2013) Key number 89070-02550 (orginal) Transponder: ID6E (37) All keys lost Is this G chip or H chip? What is the procedure to making new keys Using sniffer?? Or EEprom Jop? Regards Bert
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    search spanish manufacturer

    I am looking for a Spanish manufacturer that makes car locks and ignition locks. Does anyone have an idea? Regards Bert
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    Reading Yamaha Moric 2

    Hello Reading Yamaha Moric 2 with orange-5 is it possible??
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    AKL Toyota/lexus which model does support?

    You can also make a list Tango/Barracuda AKL Toyota/lexus which model does support. from year until year. More information new generation immo? Regards Bert
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    Toyota RAV4 year 2004 all keys lost

    What is the procedure allkeys lost Toyota Rav4 year 2004 immobox 89780-42070 COMPUTER, ENGINE CONTROL 89661-42A22 petrol engine. Reading only immo box?? Regards Bert
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    Immobox location Volvo truck FM12

    Volvo truck FM12 year 2004 Where is the immobox location?? Anyone have an idea. Regards Bert
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    add key Magneti marelli audi TT 2000

    Magneti marelli audi TT 2000 Add new key?? With Xhorse and slica can not sniffing the key (online) I DISASSEMBLY The cluster i read mcu with Orange5 added transponder number 2 which was used write file back to mcu but car wont start. Clients key number 1 still works. i use class...
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    add new transponder mitsubishi spacestar 2004??

    How make new transponder to this car Mitsubushi spacestar 1.8 (dutch car same Volvo) ID44 - PCF7935. I have 1 working key. and how program this key in to the car. Regards Bert,
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    Cloning Transponder: LKP-04

    I have problem on cloning H key for Toyota Aygo Original key Transponder: TRPWS21 Configuration: Toyota (39) Master copied Lkp04 Transponder: LKP-04 Configuration: UNKNOWN (39) tango software says all oke But the car is not starting Transponders com from What is wrong???
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    Transponder Toyota verso 2007

    Costumer destroy transponder with change key case. Tango is not reading this transponder- spare key. How make i new transponder.
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    trouble cloning transponder

    Hello when cloning transponder 4d. first reading than Close the program (not working) What is wrong with the program?
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    Tango with 6.6 Toyota plus not work

    Hello, Toyota plus 6.6 is not working. Cannot find mfc100.dll ?? What is wrong?
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    Toyota IQ transponder??

    which transponder use Toyota IQ i can not reading the key with tango (key not detected) is not a smart key.