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    w168 corupted dump in immobox

    I did repair from same nr immo now tango see keys as nr1 but in DAS diagnose not see transponder Tried other superchip xhorse but same , transponder field nr in DAS is empty Tnx
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    w168 corupted dump in immobox

    Hi DAS diag shows no variant coding and no hw/sw number Key ori shows key 1 in tango but tango says eep bad Can be saved KEY becouse hard to get good pcf7935 ... tnx
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    Ford Galaxy 1996 hc05 immobox

    Hi how to solve lost keys, immobox as golf3 without pin, in tango no ford immobox with hc05, dump recognized as vag immobox, but would work if I add key, because hard to find pcf7935 as it was... Tnx
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    Hi, This is my second clio that I made key,tango recognise as key3 but on car no start engine. First time I tried 4-5 transponders but solved by new pcb from scrapyard and 7846 swup. Uch is sagem,some goes ok but this us second that not work tango generated transponder. Ecu is sirius 34 Any info?
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    Volvo sync

    I need sync v70 1998year 2.3 petrol Eep ecu 9p08 Eep immo3 93c66 Ori ecu burned mcu,someone put eeprom and 29f800 fron iri ecu to donor but still car not start Tnx
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    I received china pcf7935, when read with tango says pcf7930 ID73 I generated opel 40, but when read that transponder tango says Opel ID33 Then I put empty chips in other reader, and there wrote ID44 for empty ones, fort that I generated opel says ID40. I not trusted thie reader goes to friend...
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    S-max 2007

    Hi S-max 2007,where is key location, in instrument cluster or in board computer or ecu? Ecu is sid206 Tnx P S. I think is in BCM
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    Clio Sagem uch

    Hi, Before I did ~20 sagem uch, addedd empty place 3 to 7936 and all ok, now second time in row keys not works made by tango (7936), when I put ori 7946 in new pcb with good antena coil then car start. What is problem? Same 7936 I use for PSA cars and all ok tnx
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    I have ordered tpx 4 and when read info with tango says Pcf 7942/44 Locked Is it normal?
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    Clio2 2004 sagem UCH problem

    Car has ori key with 93c46 and antena coil, sometimes key not readed ok (many till now I made) and I removed coil read eeprom generated next empty key 3 then 4 and both not valid to immo, led fast blinking. Then I put new antena on ori key and all ok. Remote worked all time so mean dump readed...
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    Opel maker for vectra C

    I need to program vectra c with 93c76 in Cim. I have opel remote and put blank 7946. Can I program with opel maker to start engine? Not wanna buy maker then can't do job, because anyway no much need of opel except this case Please need answer because need to pay and finish job if possible Tnx
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    Vectra c 2004

    Hi, I change pcf7946 with 7947 , but I can't code key with OPCOM diag Anyone know how to start car? Tnx
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    w168 A klass dump bad

    Hi, Tango says not good dump, after batery flat wsp (immobox) not connect to DAS duag. I put same ori eep in working wsp and also not connect. Can someone repair, or know address fore engine ecy sync and remote ?
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    Id 40 not write

    Two empty 7935 not write id40 Two pc,two usb cable newest sw tango Chips are demaged, can't write anymore
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    46 copy transponders

    Hi, will LKP-03 works to copy 46 chips or better CN3? I ask because lkp are cheaper Tnx
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    decoder 46

    Hi, Someone to advise which china better from those in images. Tnx
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    Transponder info

    I bought 4d 80bit for ford cars, is it good for to adapt via VCM obd? I see DST80 but also see DST40 Transponder: Tiris DST80 Mode: 40bit Mode: DST 4D Configuration: ID63 As I see on other forums Tiris DST80-80bit should shows in tango as ID6F-63 Tnx P.S. What...
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    Hi, I have ori bmw remote (e90) with locked PCF7944 . Anyone know will aliexpress PCF7944 works? Thanks
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    xsara picasso nec not recognized

    He, I readed bsi (key lost) and tan go not recognize dump. Any help please... I alsosee VIN missing in first row Car is 2001 BSI Valeo MCU: nec xxx0949 Thanks
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    Actros key

    Hi I have problem with this truck, two made sucessfuly Can someone send t5 logic?